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Our Founders

I am a family practice physician working in the Telehealth world since 2015.  

After nine years of practicing medicine as an employed physician, I pivoted out of the busy office-based practice that I loved and created a thriving independent telemedicine practice.

In 2020, with the help of my husband, I created a curriculum to help physicians transition to Telehealth and have been consulting/coaching since. 

This project began as a way to offer additional assistance to my clients, as one of the leading causes of stress for them making the transition out of clinical medicine.  It has since grown into a service on its own.

The goal of Simplified Medical Licensing is to make multi-state licensing affordable and less overwhelming.

I am constantly learning and adapting through a process that is heavily rooted in “becoming more from within”.


In the medical space, I began my work as a conservative sports medicine chiropractor back in 2009. I’ve more recently transitioned into functional medicine, and nutrition these days.

Having realized back in 1996, that I was at heart an entrepreneur; my path since then has been based on building businesses. When my business and life partner, Cherisa Sandrow, began her journey in telemedicine back in 2015, I quickly became a backbone in creating the systems, and an approach that allowed us to make this massive transition. We literally doubled our income and halved our time.


In building a business in the consulting/coaching space, Cherisa and I quickly began to realize that one of the missing pieces in helping other physicians create the same kind of success we had was based on having multi-state licensure.


Through the combination of Cherisa’s practical experience in the telemed space, and my practical experience in the entrepreneurial world, we have come together with the sole intention of helping medical professionals like yourselves learn how to create and live their best lives on their own terms.


Our goal is to help physicians focus on what they do well by taking some of the laborious work of licensing off their plates at an affordable price.

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